Selenium Tutorials


Selenium Automation Testing Theories and IDE tutorials

Selenium Installation and Browser Automation Session1

 Java Class Basics 1 

Java Class Basics 2

Parameters and Return Types in Java Methods

Understand Locators and Methods In Selenium Java Automation

Understand xpath in Selenium WebDriver Detailed Session

Looping and Boolean Expression

Loops In Java Seession 2

Understanding loops class discussion

Basics on testNG In Selenium Automation

Basics on testNG Session 2

Arrays and Looping in Java

How to interact with dropdown list and Radio button in Selenium WebDriver

Identify Dynamic Objects

Dynamic String Array and String Comparison

Creating List of Objects and use of loops in Automation

Forming xpaths in Selenium WebDriver and Parameters and Return type in Java Methods

Selenium Grid run tests in remote machines Simultaneously

Run Test Parallel using Selenium WebDriver Grid and XML config

Setting Up Maven With Selenium WebDriver And Run Project